Taken 2?! Ugh My Head Is Really Pounding Today

And the whiskey is beginning to be poured. So today we’ve had a needless remake trailer, a Ninja Turtles Nickelodeon trailer that I refuse to post, and now this. Let’s set the record straight though that Taken (I guess it’s Taken 1 now) was an awesome film that just delivered on all fronts. This is the same damn movie except now it’s his wife and daughter. I’m beginning to think that this family should probably die. The villain in this movie wants revenge, but doesn’t kill them right away. Seems very Bond-esque if you ask me. Also how is this helping Neeson get over this wife that has passed on? Battleship I understand. That movie was so bad he had to pay attention to everything going on like a car crash. If they make a 3rd film where he gets taken and then his wife and daughter have to find him I will make a phone call that will go something like this, “I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want…” and blah blah blah you know the rest of the threat. As The General in The Hulk would say, ‘RELOAD!’ *slams empty glass down*

  • 0utsyder

    I will agree this family MUST die or at least come with their own ransom notes (passport, toothbrush… ransom note). I mean what happened to the guy the wife was married to in the first one that she is just able to go on a family vacations with her ex husband. The mom was a bytch who kept finding reasons to throw her new found wealth in her ex husbands face and using her daughter to f*$k with her ex husband. The daughter was an idiot or a thirty year old trying WAY to hard to play a 16 year old which made her seem almost retarded in the way she was hopping around. At this point it almost seems like Luc Besson is just phoning it in