Heir To The Balcony: Ginger Respect


I think I have to boycott this movie because it feels like Pixar is trying to change the ginger culture. I’m sorry Pixar, but I really like to make fun of gingers and you will not change that. I honestly just have no interest in seeing this. My disdain for this movie is very strange because I absolutely love Pixar’s work. They’ve done this once before with Cars where I just did not care one bit to see the movie (still haven’t seen it). Another girl other than Katniss with a bow and arrow that doesn’t want to be forced into a relationship. Know your place woman and good things will happen. Someone go see it and change my mind if you can, but good luck.



Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

This looks to have the effects of a Nicolas Cage movie and probably just as bad of a story as Jonah Hex, yet I’m still drawn to it. Maybe it’s just the twist on a historical figure. Maybe it’s because someone is making vampires that don’t sparkle again. I don’t know, but I will definitely be seeing this film and then instantly regret it. It does have a few good actors in Dominic Cooper and in the villain Rufus Sewell (The Illusionist, A Knight’s Tale). Has Sewell ever been given a protagonist role since Dark City? Must feel good to be typecast as an asshole, murderous, woman beater. Oh well I doubt he’s complaining as long as he gets roles. As for the movie, think they’ll throw in some aliens at the end for a sequel? Might as well right?

  • http://twitter.com/olive_nerdette Olive

    Know your place woman and good things will happen!? HA.HA. Oh man I just love that line. You’re totally gonna regret that one. ^-^