Girls Get To Your Sewing Machines

From Kelsey Michelle comes designs for Avengers dresses. Pretty big fan of these ladies so let’s get on this. If not for me than at least for Jon or Jeff, you know the pretty ones. Also if you’re getting married the bride should be the White Queen and the brides maids should dress up as these. Best. Wedding. Ever.

Via IO9

  • Anonymous

    Man, I really like that Cap-inspired dress, that’s totally my style

  • Chris Davis

    Yea definitely dig that one, got to saw my fav is the Thor one though.

  • Anonymous

    I do like the cape on the Thor dress… it’s probably my second favorite. The others (especially Iron Man and Hawkeye) just don’t do anything for me.
    These are definitely a great find, Davis! Up there with the DC Girls in Sweaters

  • Olive

    My sewing machine arrive in the mail the same day you posted’s a sign. Definitely digging the Thor dress too. Iron man dress would be cool without the giant red bow on her ass..would do that a bit differently.