Diary of a Nerdette: Online Gaming Adventures

So I’ve decided to do an experiment. I’m going to spend a disturbing amount of time on Xbox live this week trying to record the most hilarious, gross, rude things guys say to me when they realize I’m a lady. I might add in some stuff from real life, too.

I hope none of you are guilty of the cock sucking jokes and other sexist jokes. For your sake, I hope not. I have a very colorful vocabulary. With that said, I was shocked to find the problem the first few days was not the guys, but actually me. Have I mentioned I’m incredibly competitive?

Yesterday, I was playing with these two guys who were higher than kites. It took them a bit to realize I was girl. At first, it wasn’t a big deal, but then when he invited me to their party and I saw he was a Dodgers and Lakers fan, it was ON. What began a Sports argument turned into…well, the expected.


“So, Olive…A,B,C,D or DD”. Body type questions ensued. I was amused more than angry, mostly because they were so baked that it was hilarious. I’m curious how they were picturing me in their head. Their expectations were probably something like this:

While we were playing in the same party, they were actually pretty cool guys. They would get all protective of me when people would try to kill me and/or teabag me (way longer than necessary, I might add..)

One motherfucker sent me a PM saying that I suck and to stop playing. I played pretty well, in my defense. The guy was just pissed I killed him multiple times. Next round, I was so pissed, our party kicked ass and I led the team with 18 kills. Nothing like anger to motivate you ;)


A few games later, I played with a very chatty and funny guy. We talked so much that I ended up being pretty distracted the entire time and played shittily (can that be an adverb?)  We also got PMs to shut the f&$k up from others in the game. Anyway, we chat casually even when we’re not gaming. Maybe we will even become Facebook friends..because that makes it legit these days!

I have to admit, I’ve developed a gamer crush on this chatty xbox playing dude who lives in Florida. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Is this weird? Am I a creep? I can imagine this doesn’t happen to dudes a lot, but are there any ladies out there with this really awkward and confusing experience? I feel like I am in High School again. But it was the most fun Halo game ever and we totally had gaming chemistry. Yes, gaming chemistry. Ahhh, I need a life. Anyway, let’s hope this guy never sees this article, he will totally know it’s me. I’m afraid to keep playing with this guy online and keep having fun when I know I’ll never actually meet him.

There’s nothing else too exciting to report. I will definitely keep you updated on my gaming adventures.

Until next time <3


  • Sid Fallon

    Lol. Very cool. Keep the stories coming. In defense to the first picture, that’s what I wear while gaming.

  • http://twitter.com/olive_nerdette Olive

    Will do! online gaming is a magical place! haha

  • http://twitter.com/olive_nerdette Olive

    And please share with us your gaming getup! ;)

  • Slieighty

    Great read haha but I’ll say this never say never. I know it’s really cliche but true. I don’t think it’s creepy to get crushes on people you game with especially when you have so much fun together. I’ve dated a few girls who have gamed and the relationships lasted more than a year at most one was 3 years, and yeah you wont meet at first but if the connection is there you will. I met all of those girls and it was fun but in the end they got real shady and did some shady things and if it ever gets to that which I hope it wont there’s always blocks haha. But in the end it was fun, a learning experience and I also got to travel a lot :D look at the cup half full. We live in a world of crazy technology so don’t think it’s weird or creepy. So keep them frags going and keep having fun!

    also go DODGERS GO LAKERS!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/olive_nerdette Olive

    Haha thanks but I am currently swearing off men and relationships. Yes I am bitter. Plus I have a strict no long distance policy. Maybe if he is ever is SF I will meet him and game together for real but that will be the extent of it! Also I am too broke to travel…and Florida isn’t exactly on my list of places to go…might get my face eaten off or something :P

    P.S I’m shaking my head in shame at your support for the a$$hole of CA aka LA. ><