Diary of a Nerdette: How much do you love the Doctor??

If the thought of traveling in the TARDIS with the Doctor gets you all hot and bothered, well, look no further. I swear I wasn’t googling this for myself, it just….appeared. Here we have a sparkly TARDIS Dildo! I know, for my first legit write up, this is a bit much but I couldn’t help myself. I mean, look at that thing. You don’t have to be a Nerdette to fully appreciate the gloriousness of this bad boy. And besides the obvious, this thing has lots of pleasing potential. I have two words for you: SWORD FIGHTS. That’s right, Dildo on Dildo action. I am a big fan of drunken sword fights and honestly, I’m a bit afraid to do anything else with it. Pranking your fellow Whoovian might be a great way to use it as well. Can’t think of what to get your Dr. Who fan for Christmas? Problem Solved. For those who just need more Doctor in their life, this dildo is for you.

Also, can I just say, if I had to picture a Dr. Who Dildo, this isn’t exactly what I would picture. Perhaps something more Daleky or sonic screw drivery.  The TARDIS is stuck inside a giant blob of glitter. It’s like the TARDIS got lost in space and found Edward Cullen’s dick…sorry, for the visual, gross, I know. Let’s leave the glitter dicks for the Twilight fans, shall we?