Diary of a Nerdette: Bucket List

Dear my nerdy brethren,

Not that any of this is cool gaming news, or movie updates, but regardless I’m subjecting you to my nerdy hopes and dreams: my bucket list. Deal with it.

1) Go to Comic-Con

Okay, so being able to go to SD is pretty much out of the question this year for me. I have no car, little money and am just starting a new nannying job. I dream of the day when I can frolick among fellow nerds in costume and indulge in whatever nerdiness I please. Maybe I’ll meet my future husband there. Totally kidding.

2) Sew my own Superhero costume and flaunt it to the world

With the appearance of Rex Velvet and Phoenix Jones in Seattle, this only seems appropriate. But don’t get me wrong, a lady superhero of San Francisco would be fucking rad, but that’s a gig I can’t commit to. However, I would like to dress up and pretend for one day that I am, indeed, a superheroine and get incredibly drunk-probably in reverse order. Maybe put a tiny video camera between my boobs and capture the magic. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely share that footage if this ever happens. Side Note: I would like to thank SFSU Health Center for being the source of my inspiration (see pic below). New superhero alias…what do ya think?

3. Enter in a Gaming Tournament
I think it would fun to

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get inebriated and enter a Halo tournament…probably the only game I might stand a chance at. At any rate, I’ll at least get free drinks. Yay for havings tits!

4.Write a paper on the mythological themes in Battlestar Galactica
I’m just waiting for the opportunity in my academic career where I can legitimately write this. My one chance is for my Greek professor, who is also a Battlestar Galactica fan and it is something that we bond over. Meh, I’ll probably just do an article for the site anyway.

5. Travel in the TARDIS
There’s not much I wouldn’t do to be able to go traveling across the universe with Chris Eccleston.Yeah, before you buzzkillingtons point out the obvious which is this will never happen, I believe this is on every Whovians bucket list. With the way technology is going, you never know…

6. Take an Archery Class
Actually, I AM going to do this in the very new future. I’m taking a CCSF class this fall at Golden Gate Park. And I won’t lie, maybe Hawkeye and Katniss inspired me to take up the bow and arrows. At least I have comfort in knowing that I can sit upon my future citadel during the inevitable Zombie apocalypse and cause destruction from afar. :)

7. Write a fanfic for The Hunger Games
Only because I was pissed how Mockingjay ended and want it to end the way I think things should be. Not a fan of Peeta, that’s all I will say. Hmmmph.

8. Rid the world of poor grammar

There = location; Their = possession; They’re = they are


your= possesive; you’re= you are

If that was programmed into people’s brains, it would solve 90% of grammar mistakes. Yeah, totally kidding. We suck at our entire language. I just die a little bit on the inside when I see these mistakes made. FUUUUUUU.

9. Assassinate Michael Bay
JK, jk. But why, do you ask? Do I even need to explain? Other than his normal assclownery, he made me murderous at the end of Transformers: an Abomination…er, I mean Revenge of the Fallen. Suck the Giza Pyramids into the little machine thingy? @*&^@^*%#*&%#&(^#(*&@()*. And Yes, machine thingy. IDGAF what the proper name is because this movie was so god awful. I know it wasn’t real but it felt real to me, damn it.


10. Travel to Egypt, Greece and Rome
Mingling in my natural nerdy setting is a life goal of mine. After that happens, it’s all downhill from there. This should be the last thing on the list I do since my life will be complete and will not have much else to live for. :)


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