Dairy of a Nerdette: My Vision

I was never one of those little girls who dreamed about their wedding day and planned it out down to the very last detail..until now. I had a vision, a burst of inspiration, so nerdy that I just had to share with you all. In my vision, I saw a Star Wars Wedding which got me to planning on Pinterest. Incredibly convenient way to plan a wedding, by the way.

I will show you a glimpse of my ideas because I need to share this with people who will appreciate it, not think I’m a freak.

Endor Is Quite Beautiful This Time Of Year

First of all, it’s pretty much set in stone that whoever I may marry will be a nerd, or at least someone that will tolerate all my unique and quirky qualities. If they can’t handle this, they’re not worth marrying. Second of all, I like simplicity so this won’t be something where everyone is running around blindly in masks, drunk as f*^% and hurting themselves trying to dance. Being incredibly drunk? Perfectly fine. I’m just picturing a nose dive into the cake or something.

If there is anything about my wedding that I’ve always known, it’s that it will be in the mountains, among the redwoods. Perfect wedding destination? Endor, of course. Well, something like it, anyway. Behold:

Next is the wedding dress. Luckily, I am a huge fan of Lace so this dress works perfectly. It’s inspired by the Padme wedding dress except a bit more modern looking. And of course, a Leia inspired hairstyle which I have already mastered. I found some awesome bridesmaids dresses that remind me of Leia’s bikini and fit the theme very well. Could use some hemming to make knee length though.

Bridesmaids dresses














Next is the masters of ceremonies or Jedi Master, I should say. Nothing else needs to be said except it is fitting since the guy will look like the Pope either way. And I think this mini Chewie is pretty fitting for ring bearer, wouldn’t you say?

 As I said, I like simplicity, so vows will go as follows:

Groom: I love you

Me: I know

THAT IS ALL. NO TEARS AND SOBBING. NADA. My mama will be doing enough of that for everybody.

As far as the groom goes, he will of course, be wearing a black tux, with a long tail- you know, gotta get the cape in there somehow. Maybe buy him some scary glowing red contacts of doom to fully portray his dark side…juuuust kidding. Too far. The groomsmen will be wearing white suits, as Stormtroopers, obviously.

And last but not least, this wedding wouldn’t be my wedding without an open bar. A Cantina style reception room is a must have with a big band playing.

Anyway, the rest are tiny details that I don’t really care to sort out. Already covered the most awesome stuff anyway. I have to thank Davis for partly inspiring this epiphany with his Avengers Bridesmaid post.




  • http://twitter.com/olive_nerdette Olive

    Here is the link to my Pinterest board in case you want to see all the pictures. Couldn’t fit them all into the article and it gives you a better idea :)


  • Anonymous

    Those bridesmaids dresses are awesome!!!

  • http://twitter.com/olive_nerdette Olive

    Yeah, I can’t believe I found them on pinterest…total nerdgasm. Now how to get a hold of them….

  • Anonymous

    Good luck!!

  • http://twitter.com/olive_nerdette Olive

    Ha thanks..not like I’ll be needing them anytime soon! I can always just sew em myself