Since When Was Killing Off Channing Tatum A Bad Thing

Box Office Star. F!@# this world.

Now I haven’t seen any official report for this news, but when as many news outlets as I’ve seen this morning have posted it there must be some truth behind it. Apparently GI Joe Retaliation is being put on delay because Channing Tatum has become a box office star. Yea, Channing Tatum is now considered a star. Way to go America. After The Vow and 21 Jump Street killed it at the box office Paramount started to have second thoughts about killing off Duke. I saw neither of those movies (heard he was good in Jump St.), but I’ve never seen him act well or do anything well for that matter. The 3D was just a cover and thanks to your shitty viewing habits America we now get more Tatum                                                                                       with our GI Joe. Thank god the zombie apocalypse is                                                                                        already here.

  • lalapoop

    watch 21 jump street. Fucking hilarious. Glad he doesnt die

  • Chris Davis

    Good thing G.I. Joe is a comedy