RoboCop Gets Needed Boost & Pauly Shore Returns

So besides making two posts about little tidbits of movie news, let’s just talk about them at once.

  • In good news, RoboCop can now add Gary Oldman to the casting list as the scientist ‘Norton’ who creates RoboCop. The good news that goes along with this is that they’ll spend a little bit more time on Robo’s origin than in the original. A recipe for success in most current movies if done right. The only bad part about RoboCop here is that Buckaroo Banzai won’t be returning for the leading role.
  • In possibly the best news of the month (sarcasm text where are you?), on Andy Dick’s online TV show, The Weasel (Pauly Shore) came on to reminisce on the good times. I’m still not sure what those were, but they apparently think it was In The Army Now. After talking about it they agreed to do a sequel to it on air with someone from the studio promising they’ll back them if they agreed to make it. Got to say I’m more of a Son In Law Pauly Shore fan, but what the hell why not Hollywood.