Pack Up, The Nerd Compound Awaits

I was hoping we’d get some practice in at The Walking Dead’s survival game during comic-con, but it seems that we won’t have the luck of getting to practice from surviving some walkers. It’s time. Zombies are upon us. If you didn’t hear a man in Florida was found eating the face of a man he had murdered…naked. As police confronted him they were forced to fire upon the man. Shots that seemed to have no effect (at least the story I heard). Now it seems a doctor is spitting up blood over police officers and acting strangely. These are the beginning signs people. Gather your s@#$ and head to South Dakota or wherever we decide we’re going to tonight. We’ll keep you updated, but be ready to move. Here’s the news article and police car footage:

Is it something in the water? Earlier today, there was the story about Miami police shooting a naked man who was biting off another man’s face. Now, there’s the doctor who was pulled over for drunk driving and deliberately smashed his face bloody, then spit blood into a state trooper’s eyes.

The incident began when anesthesiologist Zachard Bird was pulled over at about 1:30 AM for speeding and almost hitting a Florida Highway Patrol car. According to the Sun-Sentinel, “Bird had alcohol on his breath, his eyes were glassy and bloodshot and he was unsteady on his feet, a trooper wrote. He refused to provide a blood sample.” Bird was arrested after failing a sobriety test and found to have $40,000 in his pockets and another $14,000 and two guns in his car.

At that point, Bird apparently went beserk. He accused the state troopers of stealing his money and repeatedly banged his head against a partition in the police car until blood ran down his face, while yelling, “Hey! Blood, blood, blood, blood all over! Take me to the hospital!”

He then kicked open the back door of the car, got out. and spit blood into the face and eyes of one trooper.

“We expect that from some people we arrest,” a Highway Patrol spokesperson told ABC News, “but a doctor knows how serious it is to contaminate someone with bodily fluid. That’s the most unnerving part.”

~Via The Raw Story