James Bond #…I Lost Count

I’m a huge James Bond fan. No doubt about it. I grew up watching it with my dad and probably has had more of an effect on me than I realize. I mean I need some reason to explain the drinking habits and my life with women. I will be the first to admit that I think there are more bad movies than good ones as well. Other things I will admit about the series is that 1) Sean Connery will always be ‘James Bond’ in my mind, 2) Goldeneye was awesome, but Pierce Brosnan was almost as bad as Timothy Dalton  in the long run, and 3) Natalia from Goldeneye is my favorite Bond girl. There’s just something about Russians. I probably would have been a spy during the Cold War if a hot Russian dame was involved. I digress. Just check out the trailer for Bond #23, #24, or maybe #22. I really can’t remember. Anyways thoughts on this James Bond and who’s your favorite Bond girl?