NotOR #13

The nerds discuss Ilum, daily quests, level 50, The Nerdosphere guild, and SWTORsexual relationships. Risqué.

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  • GayFloridaNerd

    Damn, you guys need a gay correspondent on this. Hmm… ideas…?

  • Alan

    Here’s the deal. There are LGBT people who play SWTOR. I know for a fact that on The Jekk Jekk Tar alone, there are two very large LGBT oriented guilds (I do not believe either guild turns players away for not being LGBT). Players of this game, and every other MMO often petition the game developer to introduce this feature or that feature. There are in fact forums designed for the specific purpose of allowing communication between the developers and players of the game. And in fact, players of SWTOR have often communicated about a desire to have and have lobbied for a customizable UI.

    Surely, you are not suggesting that LGBT players (and I suppose their advocates) cannot also exercise the same ability to communicate their desires for the game to incorporate some development changes, just as other players have freely communicated their own desires? Aside from the particular controversy from anti-gay organizations, what this boils down to is the following: Do LGBT players have the same right to communicate and lobby game developers for changes to the game as any other player(s)? The obvious answer is yes.