Ben Kingsley Is Iron Man 3 Villain…Not Mandarin

Insiders have told Variety that Ben Kingsley (Prince of Persia, Shutter Island, Hugo) is in final negotiations to play the villain for the May 3rd, 2013 release of Iron Man 3. Ben Kingsley is pretty well known for taking roles that are seen as ‘below him’ and can do much better. I have no problem with Kingsley being in the movie, but the internets are in an uproar that the villain he is playing is not Mandarin. The most well known Iron Man villain (maybe the only known to some) has been set up pretty nicely in the previous two films. I will say at this point though to not get too upset because maybe he’s just a side villain. The insiders (as far as I’ve read) have not said that Mandarin is not in the movie, just that Ben Kingsley is not playing him. If Mandarin isn’t in the movie however, then I have no idea what they’re doing especially since it has already been said that the 3rd movie will be loosely based on the Extremis six-issue story line involving nanotechnology. Hopefully the studios understand we need a little bit more from a villain than what we got from Whiplash, ugh. Any ideas who Ben Kingsley could be playing? How do you nerds feel about Kingsley in general?