The Nerdification Of A Dame: The Best Of The Best

As the Sweetest Thing so eloquently put it, “There is always time for a movie montage.” I would have to agree; I can never recall seeing a montage that I did not enjoy. It’s like watching a highlight reel; you just know you are getting all the good stuff.

Montage to Top all Montages:
#1 Team America, Montage Montage.

Nothing can top a montage that is an ode to montages while also being self deprecating. Oh and I almost forgot it has its own original score. It is like the montage has come to full circle; being at its comedic height because of its self awareness.  You will find that I am far more invested in comedies than dramas so be aware that this list will be weighted in favor of farce.

I also feel the need to mention their sex scene montage. Its safe to say that if you have seen this movie I do not need to go into further detail about this montage. Only Trey and Matt (yeah we’re on a first name basis) could pull this off. Its so sick but you just can’t look away and then you find yourself more creeped out because you are watching puppets and you ask yourself how fucked up am I? no? just me? Fine.

Back to the point. I have found successful sex montages are difficult and I applaud them for being able to make it as lengthy as they did.

I love a good makeover montage more than any person should. Most of the fantasies in my head come out in montage from so basically every time I get dressed I have a running montage in my head to I wanna be a supermodel like in Clueless. While I love this make over montage I will not rank it as the top makeover montage it is not edgy enough. The Clueless montage fits the typical qualifications for a makeover montage but it does not push the envelope like the one I have selected for this category. Get ready for it. I am excited for this one. Drum roll… Mrs. Doubtfire.

Mrs. Doubtfire, clearly, has the best makeover montage because it sucks in all ages and genders like a black hole and it is seeping with hilarity. Sure there are plenty of cross dressing compilations but this one takes the cake. The scene could not have been better cast. Who better to give a make over than 2 gay men. Its really ahead of its time. Plus Robin Williams was at his finest. Also, when there is a makeover montage you really want to be able to see a real transformation not just some girl who not longer wears glasses and a pony tail.

BTW on a very random note. When I was doing research for this post I was reviewing clips of famous montages and on one site it said, ‘Others who viewed this also viewed, “Masturbating techniques.”’ Apparently me and a bunch of prepubescent pervs looking to get an upper hand are watching the same thing on a wed night at home in our pjs.

Wedding Crashers: A lesson in Partying

MOM! More Montages!

They get me every time. After watching the first 20 min of Wedding crashers where they roll through every wedding of the season all I want to do is suit up, introduce myself as Bobby O’Shea, and dance violently to Shout while I pop bottles of champagne.

There is just so much to be learned from this particular montage…  Lessons in fitting in, picking up chicks, picking fake names, dancing, eating cake, jabroni. This list just goes on.  Beyond the wisdom it imparts to the viewer this montage is just so damn fun. NO matter who or where you are you can’t help but smile and maybe even plot your next/ first crash.

Honorable mention for other dancing montages:
Foot Loose- gotta love the teenage angst of Kevin Bacon and the foggy/ blurry borders. Also, who knew what a gymnast he was?
Flashdance- maniac montage: Love love this one. This chick has some sick nasty moves and a bangin’ body. Every man wanted her and every chick wanted to be her after this montage was dropped on the world. If you have yet to see it get on it you are missing out.


I am about to shoot myself in the foot, but I must admit I have never actually seen Rocky. Yet, somehow I have a vivid image if its iconic montage that runs on a loop through my head whenever I’m in the middle of an intense work out. It makes me feel like I should be trying so much harder because i’m not wearing 3 layers of sweats running through some bad ass Philly alley ways. You haven’t faced adversity until you are in a meat locker punching dead raw animals. Okay that part is a little weird but the rest. When he motors through that set of stairs like 5 at a time and you are convinces that in at least one take he bit it. Whats not to love.

Apparently Highly Necessary

And who could forget Eye of the Tiger in Rocky III. Again a movie I haven’t seen. I know I’m pathetic, but I sear I will watch it soon. How can you beat a montage with cameos of the Muppets and Mr T.  as Clubber Lang (man what a great name only appropriate for fighters and porn starts or I would adopt it). They also utilize the classic montage device of news paper clippings to show time passing while in the background you get to watch him wail on dudes. Oh and did I forget to mention the use of the split screen. One might argue that these devices are a bit cliche but I would have to disagree and call them iconic in this instance.

Some other memorable ones to check out:
High five montage from Funny or Die
Karate Kid
Teen Wolf
Ferris Bueller- One of the most calming montages ever, but I love the Chicago Art Institute so I have to mention it.
Dirty Dancing (oh Swayze)

I am still working on pinning down my favorite revenge montage and am open to suggestions on possibilities.