Loot Of The Week – Boomshakalaka!

Want the best game out for your iPhone or Android? Want to spend $39 less than the actual game on a system? Look no further than NBA Jam! This rendition is practically perfect. It even has the same original announcer. Tons of unlockable classic characters including the 1st one one I got Detleph Schrimf…awesome. This game will bring back your memories of a last second shot being ‘wide open’ and clanking it off the back rim as you continue to slam your controller into the ground or into your opponents head while tackling him at the same time. I haven’t tried vs mode against online players yet because I’ll probably get demolished, but I’m sure that’d be awesome as well. For just a dollar you can have this game right now. I got to say I spend a lot more time in the bathroom now and mexican food isn’t the only reason I’m on fire.