Loot Of The Day – Brace Yourselves, Shepard Is Back

Two very awesome items were released today. Both of which will definitely affect my life for more hours/days than I care to share. My mother would say that I should spend this time with a girl and get to know her better and truly be happy. Unless that girl has blue skin and I can make her sleep with the ugliest man named Shepard know to man, then I can’t possibly believe that a real girl is going to make me happier. However I do believe I could find a girl that will cook the game I catch, wash the blood from my battled body, and sleep with me whenever possible because really that’s all she has to do in life. For those not catching on the items that were released today that I’m talking about are of course the release of Mass Effect 3 and Game of Thrones season 1. Now get out there and destroy the reapers and then if you need a break then sip on some whiskey and sit back and watch the story of Westeros.