Heir To The Balcony: Wrath Of Your Conscience

Wrath Of The Titans

Likely Statler & Waldorf Line: S- “The only thing that’s going to feel Wrath after this movie is my health!” Dohohohoho

Has it started yet? That tug of war going on in your mind trying to decide if this Michael Bay like action flick deserves your double digit movie fare. This is definitely a ‘theater movie’ because of all the special effects, but as we all know that doesn’t make it good. Unless you’re our host Ceglia, then yes it actually does. The answer to that tug of war is yes go see this movie in theaters, but only if your theater has that early bird special or if you plan to movie hop. You know what you’re getting yourself into here. It would be hard to be worse than the first, but with a probable love side story it has potential. Just fight your Titans Worthington while you throw in every Greek myth imaginable to save your lackluster story-line. Can you tell I’m still bitter from the first?

Fool me twice shame on me 3/4

Mirror Mirror

Likely Statler & Waldorf Line: W – “Mirror Mirror show me most bored of them all.” S-”You know that’s not a magical mirror right?” W-”You sure? It’s right so far!” Dohohohoho

The first of two very different takes on the Snow White story, Mirror Mirror looks to be taking the lighter and humorous approach. Funny to who exactly would probably be my ten year old sister. Oh well every movie has it’s audience…no matter how small it may be, *ahem* John Carter.  Got to say that Julia Roberts as the evil queen was pretty random, but I’m sure with her and the wit of Nathan Lane there may be some moments here and there. Plus midgets are back people! They’re starting to get jobs again. Seemed like there was about a 20 year span there where they weren’t getting much. Good for them. Just keep your eye on them I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re planning something tricksy and also we don’t want another Wizard Of OZ incident.

Gonna need that kiss to wake me up 1/4