Heir To the Balcony – The Early Blockbuster

So this is gonna be short and sweet today people cause for one there’s only one movie coming out worth mentioning and two I’m still hungover the even the brightness of the screen is torturing me right now. Apparently when you mix the Raph with my personal creation the cobra monkey, you body wants to start decomposing and possibly turn me into a zombie. I apologize now if I start the apocalypse. Blame it on our columnist Matt Silva who comes up with these drinks.

John Carter

The story that was the catalyst for so many of our favorite silver screen stories is finally here folks. John Carter of Mars (a novel I still very much need to read) sparked the imagination of so many and now is being released as a film after all those other stories have already been. People will try to compare it Star Wars (especially Episode II), but it deserves to be looked at as the original. I definitely very interested in what I’ve seen in the trailers, but I’m not sold that I can do what I just said everyone needs to do. Fact is I have seen all those other sci-fi flicks and I’m going to compare. With a pretty great cast and some pretty awesome looking effects let’s hope the story will hold the rest of the weight. I’ll be seeing this tomorrow followed directly by The Lorax. Double feature Friday!

F#@! Yea Let's Go!

  • Gaby

    The reviewers at IGN said they were really impressed with this movie, and I’ll take their word over some bloated artsy fartsy reviewers anyday (not the BDNS just fyi, but people that give crap like The Artist all the awards!!)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Davis/500741168 Chris Davis

    Saw this movie today and I got to say I was pretty impressed as well. Very entertaining.