Games, Movies, & Booze: The Ken and Ryu

In light of my visit to the 10th NorCal Regional gaming tourny last night I thought these would be a good way to end it for all the gamers who just got beat down last night. Or if you’re a huge Ryu fan and your buddy loves Ken then challenge him to see who can drink the most shots from their character to decide who’s the best once and for all. The real question is if the winner is the guy who passes out or the one who vomits?

The Hadouken

3/4 oz blue curacao
3/4 oz Fireball Cinnamon Whisky
Splash of Bacardi 151

Directions: Mix the blue curacao and Fireball in a shot glass. Layer a thin bit of Bacardi 151 (or other overproof rum) on the top and light on fire. Block to extinguish and drink! Add more Bacardi 151 to the top to make it a Shinkuu Hadouken.






The Shoryuken

1 oz Southern Comfort
.25 oz Kahlua 
.25 oz grenadine

Directions: Mix the ingredients in a shot glass, pouring the Southern Comfort over the top last.  Mash buttons and drink.

Via The Drunken Moogle