Zac’s Game Corner: Question of The Week!

I wanted to start something weekly on Zac’s Game Corner. I will be posting weekly questions that you the reader can leave a comment and answer. Best answer will get his name featured in next weeks post. Don’t worry everyone this will not replace my regular news articles. I just thought it would be something fun for all of you guys.


My question this week is:

I recently started playing an MMORPG for the first time to build some experience in this area of gaming. No its not Star Wars the Old Republic; sadly my bank account will not allow for this at the moment. As a complete noob to MMOs I am finding it completely overwhelming.

There is so much going on in game quests, raids, parties, and guilds. I am getting very lost and overwhelmed. My question is what tips would you give a noob to MMOs on making friends in game. I am having a tough time finding people to play with and getting help from anyone. I would love any advice. Please leave your comments below with advice for a fellow gamer. As always happy gaming!

  • Jonathan Craig

    What game are you playing? I am assuming you’re playing a free-to-play game since you mentioned the price of SWTOR.

    There are two problems you mentioned that are consistent with free-to-play MMORPGs, unfortunately. First is the amount of players available to group with. WoW and SWTOR both have millions of subscribers, and it can be difficult to find groups on those games at times as well. But a game with 500,000 players, or in some cases much less, will be even harder. The second problem is learning all of the game systems. World of Warcraft specifically developed a tip system to make learning the MMORPG style much easier. WoW and SWTOR both have leveling systems that slowly introduce a player to more difficult content, and more complicated game mechanics. I’ve played a handful of MMORPGs; I’d like to think that I’m fairly experienced in the genre, but even I get lost sometimes when I’m trying to figure out the elements of new games (especially professions..).

    I’d be interested to see which game you’re talking about, but I would also suggest looking into Warhammer Online or Age of Conan. Lord of the Rings online might be decent too, but I can’t speak to that game because I haven’t played it. They are all previously paid MMORPGs that are now free-to-play. They all came out after WoW and were able to borrow some of the concepts from the game to ease players in. They all have decent playerbases as well. They’d be a bit easier to step into than many of the smaller titles, for sure. There are some MMOs out there that I wouldn’t even try to brave.

  • Zaclaramay

    Thanks for your comment Jon. I am playing the game Forsaken World I saw it was free to play on steam. I thought I would play it to build experience until I get SWTOR for my birthday in March. The game mechanics are hard to learn. I agree that the free to play games don’t have enough of a player base and this makes things difficult. When I do get SWTOR I hope I have enough people already playing that people can explain things a little bit to me.