Mattel…Don’t Do This To Us

Why you no hover?!

Mattel is releasing a Back to the Future hoverboard…a hoverboard that doesn’t hover. I’ve waited, along with so many of you, for a real hoverboard. Mattel has decided they’re tired of waiting to and created a 1.1 prop version of the board. It’s a movie replica and will cost $120 (pre-order soon). I’m very torn here because yes it would be very cool to have, but what the hell am I gonna do with it. I want to hover around San Francisco and grab onto cable cars for an extra push as I escape the dreaded hipsters. Mattel I feel like we should order a manure truck an dump it on your doorstep because that’s what I feel just happened to me. How do you nerds feel about this? Will you be standing on one of these in your living room as you hover as much as they do on water?