Heir To The Balcony – Superhero’s Can Sure Be Dicks


Likely Statler & Waldorf Line – S – ‘You know they call that a found footage film?’ W- ‘I wish it was still lost!’ Dohohohohoho

The most excited I’m going to get until the summer movies start will probably be either for this film or for The Hunger Games. I’m not saying this is going to be a great film, but by doing a found footage film about superheros is a pretty damn good idea. While watching the trailer you may think, “I would be doing so much more if I got powers besides scaring kids and playing soccer 6,000 ft up.” Let’s face it though we all would do very little things to test out who we truly are and probably (if you’re smart) not in public. Yes the trailer shows quite a bit of what’s going to happen, but what I want to see is what type of government agencies get involved, if there’s much of a back story to their powers,                                                            and to just see a found footage movie that’s not a horror movie.

Very Interesting

The Woman In Black

Probable S&W Line – S- ‘You ever think there might be life after death?’ W- ‘Every time I leave this theater!” Dohohohohoh

Harry Pot…I mean Daniel Radcliffe has a new role! And it’s in a…horror movie? Guess it’s not too far of a stretch for him dealing with the supernatural, finding clues, and secret keeping. Sorry Ron, Harry was hitting that ginger sister of yours since he saved her in the 2nd book. Speaking of Ron, maybe Radcliffe will find where they keep ginger’s souls.  I wouldn’t go see this with a girl either unless you’re wearing adult diapers. Harry we have to go back to Hogwarts…cause that’s the only place that you’re going to be successful now.

Uggghhh, really?

Big Miracle

Likely S&W Line – S- ‘You think this movie was educational?’ W- ‘Yea it’ll teach people to read more books!’ Dohohohoho

YES! A Drew Barrymore movie! I loved her in…in…ummmm oh yea nothing. I stand corrected, E.T. was phenomenal. However if I want to watch an ugly girl act I’ll go sit in and watch Jon in the bedroom. This movie and Jon’s sex life probably has a lot in common; it lasts longer than it should with no climax, everybody’s thoughts are on John Krasinski (The Office), and it will probably end in tears. If you want to see Free Willy with no epic whale jump over rocks while Michael Jackson soothes your soul, then by all means go waste your time. I however will be singing, ‘Hold me, like the river Jordan, And I will say to thee, you are my friend…’ and cue crotch grab.


Gag me.