Games, Movies and Booze: BSG Ambrosia

My gods, I am as surprised as you are that it has taken this long for me to share a Battlestar Galactica Ambrosia recipe. Just as it did on Galactica, it takes a little time and effort to create a drink worthy of consumption by the likes of Starbuck and Apollo.

First, you need to make sweet, green vodka. The easiest way is to use Skittles. You’ll need: a couple bags worth of green Skittles, 1/5 of a 750 of vodka, an empty plastic bottle, a funnel and a coffee filter. Begin by combining the green Skittles and vodka in the water bottle. Let sit in a your fridge for about a day, shaking occasionally. Once the Skittles have dissolved, pour the liquid into a glass and then filter it back into the plastic bottle using your funnel and coffee filter.

Second, you’ll need to get your hands on some good ol’ boy moonshine, sometimes called “Tennessee white whiskey.” Luckily, it’s sale has moved from the Appalachians to Bevmo’s across the country.

Simple enough from there, pour 1 part moonshine and 2 parts sweet, green vodka into container of your choosing and drink to the Lords of Kobol.

Good Hunting.

  • Marie (of @natandmarie)

    omg. I’m sharing this with Nat right now….