Avengers Teaser For a Super Bowl Trailer?

Yes we’ve come to a point where we now have a teaser (above) for a trailer that will be released during the Super Bowl this Sunday. I may be a bit irate about this if a very well though out speculation of who the villain (besides Loki) is for this movie. I give you the thoughts of Hawksblueyes from comicbookmovie.com.

For over a year now speculation concerning the identity of the mysterious aliens in the upcoming Avengers film has run rampant. However, every time a theory starts to gain some sort of credence, some new bit of information surfaces that discounts our current train of thought on the subject. The Kree and the Skrulls have been shot down as Loki’s misguided cohorts on a number of occasions.

Set photo’s have shown men in mo-cap suits wielding strange sword and lance type weapons that seemingly fail to fit in with any of the known Marvel alien races weapons of choice. There have been unconfirmed reports from people claiming to have seen film footage that indicate the aliens differ in appearance from each other and wear strange armor. Again, head scratching time.

It’s well known that Loki makes some sort of shady deal with an unknown being or beings after his fall from grace and flight from Asgard at the end of THOR. It’s also well known that Marvel has plans for an expansion if you will, of their “Cosmic Universe” and a film featuring The Inhumans in the future. With it’s split second THOR cameo and display at last years Comic Con, the appearance of the Infinity Gauntlet has led many to believe that Thanos and his motley army would be that guy. The Thanos theory has always sounded “off” to me for one simple reason. What would Loki promise Thanos in return for his help? The Infinity Gauntlet that sits in Odin’s vault? From what we’ve seen and heard about The Avengers, Loki obtains possession of the Cosmic cube. The Cube is undeniably an extremely powerful weapon but in the Marvel Universe it doesn’t come close to matching the Infinity Gauntlet, which makes it’s wearer virtually omnipotent. Why would Loki promise the most powerful weapon existing in that universe to Thanos in exchange for one that doesn’t compare? As much as I would love to see Thanos in the film and down the line, he doesn’t seem to fit.

There is however, a being and a race created by said being, that does seem to fit everything we have seen or heard about this film. The High Evolutionary and his “New Men” or “Knights of Wundagore” (who are not aliens/differ greatly in appearance from each other/utilize unusual armor and strange sword and spear like weapons) seem to fit the news, rumors and speculation we’ve all read about over the course of the last year. He is an incredibly powerful individual who has been at odds with The Avengers (as well as almost every other Marvel hero) many times over the years. He has strong ties to most of Marvels “cosmic” characters (especially Warlock and The Inhumans). He has been in possession of the Infinity gems (he is the being who originally gave Warlock the Soul Gem). He has clashed with THOR many times (this could explain the existence of The Infinity Gauntlet in Odin’s vault).

Now we get to the thing that placed me on this train of thought. As I stated earlier, there have been reports that the aliens in the film differed in appearance from each other and wear strange armor to go along with photo’s that show them using swords and spear like weapons. Yesterday, we finally got our first look at these aliens using some sort of flying cycles. That is where the connection came in and everything else seemed to fit. The High Evolutionary’s self created army, “The New Men” or “Knights of Wundagore” ride Atomic Steeds that seem to be an identical match for the flying crafts we viewed in yesterday’s teaser.