Zac’s Game Corner: My Top 5 PC Games That Are Free To Play

With the price of video games skyrocketing to $60.00 plus dollars a game and DLC still invading your wallet. I decided to do a little research for those of you who might not have the money to shell out hundreds of dollars every year for games. So here it is everyone my top 5 PC games you might not be acquainted with that are free to play.

1. Warzone 2100 – This RTS was originally published for the PC and PlayStation in 1999. The game has since been in released for public use under the GNU. The game features full 3D graphics though dated still provide for a very playable experience. Warzone has over 400 unique technologies this offers varied game play styles. The game supports both online play and LAN. It makes a perfect alternative to your expansive RTS’s at your next LAN party. For more information and to download Warzone 2100 check out

2. Team Fortress 2 – This cartoonish FPS once a paid game is new free to play on steam. Team Fortress 2 offers players a variety of different game types. With community driven map development there is always new content to keep a player coming back. With fast paced multiplayer and a competitive scene Team Fortress 2 becomes the perfect FPS for those who don’t want to break the bank. For more information and download location check out

3Battle for Wesnoth – Battle for Wesnoth is a cross platform turn based strategy game. Battle forWesnoth features a fantasy theme with 5 playable factions. Battle for Wesnoth’s unique fighting style takes many things into consideration including time of day, terrain, and type of unit. These three factors all add up to some impressive battles. Battle for Wesnoth’s 2D graphics can be seen as dated. I however prefer to view them as taking second place too the strategy involved in mastering the game. For more information about Battle for Wesnoth check out If you want to join or check out the competitive scene for the game visit

4. Lugaru – This indie fighting solo developed by David Rosen offers a solid fighting game experience. The story follows the main character a Rabbit named Turner whose friends and family were all murdered. Turner must now defend the island Lugaru from the wolves that new threaten it. The game has no multiplayer or competitive scene. However I still find the 3D graphics amazing for an indie game. If you were looking for a good single player fighting game I would highly recommend Lugaru. For more information about the game check out

5. Runes of Magic – This mmorpg has a subscription base of over 5 million users. The game is currently on its 4th chapter. If you are looking for a good MMO with a large player base I recommend Runes of Magic. For more information visit


Well I hope everyone enjoys checking out the games I mentioned in this article. If you have any of your own free games you would like people to check out leave a comment below. Happy gaming everyone!