Mega Man Really Let Himself Go

In this trailer we see the 4 exclusive characters for the PS3 and Vita which include Pac-Man, Cole (from Infamous), Kuro and Toro, and…is that Mega Man. I’m confused because correct me if I’m wrong he looks like he’s been drinking and eating since Mega Man II. He looks like that jock in high school that still works out, but drinks far more often than hitting the gym and never left the small town. Pac-Man also has some machine that he can jump in and out of, probably unnecessary but it’s definitely not as bad as Mega Man. Check it out.

  • Timothy Cool

    That’s awful! It looks like a fat version of Megaman from the US box art of MM1.

  • Jonathan Craig

    What in the bloody hell?

  • Chris Davis

    Apparently that’s the Mega Man from the original boxwork in Japan…according to Cegz.