It takes more than one man to be Darth Vader

We all know that James Earl Jones was the voice of the iconic villain. A quick jump to IMDB will show you that it was body builder David Prowse as the man under the helmet during the famous “Let me look on you with my own eyes” speech at the end of Jedi. However, neither Jones nor Prowse wielded Vader”s red light saber. That honor went to legendary swordsman and trainer Bob Anderson, who has recently become one with the force and passed casino from this life.

Anderson, though a few inches shorter than Prowse, deserves just as much credit for his role in the famous duels that helped make those movies to be the greats that they truly are. And what”s more, he was 60 years old at the time of filming the Empire Strikes Back, making his feats that much more impressive.

He trained Errol Flynn and Antonio Banderas in sword play after a stint in the Royal Navy in Britain. He was the main fight choreographer for all sword play in James Bond”s Die Another Day and one of my all time favorite movies, The Princess Bride. He will be remembered as one of the great swordmasters of the 20th and 21st Century.

May the force be with him.