I Don’t Care Where The Things I Love Come From

From Patton Oswalt, the ever so great comedian, and from the rest of the Star Wars fans…we don’t care about the past of our childhood things we love. “Oh you like Angelina Jolie, well here’s a picture on Jon Voight’s balls.” However cool this story may be (because it’s about Darth Plagueis being a badass and (hopefully) not about him trying to save some whiny girl), this trailer still shakes and angers every bone in my body. Just reminds us about midichlorians, the abomination that was Darth Vader’s origin, and that George Lucas still hates his fans and is the biggest troll in history. That being said, I still may read this book only because I’ve only had good experiences with Star Wars novels (Thrawn Triology). Check out this trailer and let me know if we’re taking the plunge together.