Hey! Listen!: Alright you Primitive Screwheads, listen up!

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidge Raaaaaaaaaaaaacer!Some of us need to be told what is good and what is bad. I’m hear to do that exact thing when it comes to music. Every Tuesday I’ll be the one telling you how to get the best Otologic cream-pie! Sound good? Sound sexy? That is a scary fetish to imagine.

When is the last time you listened to an album on repeat and for years? I can’t say literally for the entire time but in my SUV there is a Kanye West CD that hasn’t been changed since 2007. Mostly out of laziness to burn a new CD. Fortunately we’re not talking about “Mr. West Mr. West”, the album. What I’m talking about is the soundtrack to Ridge Racer 4. R4 was released in 1998/1999 for the PSX and was received well by consumers and reviewers. While the game is excellent in many ways it is the the music paired which enriched the overall experience.

There are 25 tracks on the LP and none are a waste of your time. A brief visit to Wikipedia revealed that this OST was a bit of a departure for the series at the time. Previously Ridge Racer had dance or club songs but when it was R4′s time to qualify they decided to tour different genres such as funk, acid jazz and neo-soul. I suggest to start from the beginning and give it a long play as you do something mindless. Supposedly, this is the CD that was found in O.J. Simpsons Bronco after his chase in ’97. Yeah sure that is a whole year before the game was released but it is a minor detail. Overlook it!

I believe originally the music was made to enhance the players driving experience. What about beyond the game? The dullness of being a janitor often gets to be a bit much but I do get to listen to music all day long. This album has made it on to my Zune (R.I.P. the plastic brick) more than a hundred times. Each time it gets a couple dozen plays, all the while I go about discovering ruby encrusted flutes from feminine waste baskets. I’ve listened to this CD as I switched voice and data networks, as I drive from South Carolina to Michigan (who would have thought!), and on more than one occasion I’ve had Mormon style missionary position sex to it. Terrifying, I know but let me steer this away from my imagination.

There is a lot to be said about all music and it is hard for me to speak on a single album for too long before my ADHD acts up and I gotta go ride bikes. Luckily, I get to write about the R4 original soundtrack and expose some fools to it. In conclusion I say steal this album (I admit I have on more than one occasion) and give it a spin for me then come back here and tell me you loved it or your boy/girl-friend hated it.

Next Week: I play Hard Corps: Uprising and reflect on Lil’ Wayne’s wikipedia entry about being a practicing christian!