Heir To The Balcony – Jan 27th Releases


The Grey

S&W Probable Line – S -”You fool you slept through the show!”  W- “Who’s the fool, you watched it!” Dohohohoh

Really this is how we’re starting this week? Another Liam Neeson movie so he doesn’t have to think about the passing of his wife? His words not mine. You know what this movie really is? Frozen, a movie about three people stuck on a snow lift where the main threat is the cold and wolves. Instant classic I tell you. The good part about Grey is that it’ll actually have some good acting and wolves are going to die creatively. The bad is there’s really not a whole lot this movie marketing hasn’t shown us and if you want to see a better version of this then watch The Edge with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. Yes a movie with Alec Baldwin will be better than this one. Plus it has a bear as the antagonist, yea a fucking bear. Where do wolves stack up in your book because I’m pretty sure bear wins that argument every time.


2 out of 4

Man On A Ledge

S&W Probable Line – Together – “Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!”

I’m thinking Photo Booth or Buried (Ryan Reynolds buried alive movie) here people. Don’t let the hype fool you saying that you’ll never see what it’s really about coming. Really? Cause in the previews it looks like a guy is trying to get his named cleared while his buddies steal something that will prove him innocent. Ed Harris as a villain I’ll take every time. The Rock was great because of his role (and of course Sean Connery).  Seeing this movie does not mean you get to fuck the prom queen though. Actually seeing this movie probably means you either had no shot with the prom queen or she cheated on you on prom night.


3/4, some intrigue


S&W Probable Line – W – “Pay up they finally made a good one.”  S – “Double of nothing next week?”

One thing is for certain; Woody Harrelson’s time is now. The guy has been on fire lately and with this film someone just strapped a jet pack to him. You want to see Training Day again, but in the eyes of Denzel and add a bit of a spin to it? Here ya go ladies and gents. If you see one movie this weekend, then see this one. And if you’re girlfriend says, “Hey let’s see that new Katherine Heigl movie where she’s a bail bond recovery agent trying to take down her ex!” Then you say, “Go make me chocolate chip waffles and think about what you’ve said ’cause King Kong ain’t got shit on Woody Harrelson.”



4/4, Show me more!