Green Lantern Won An Award For What?

First off when you hear Green Lantern won an award you may say, “Oh maybe it sneaked in a special effects one somewhere.” Did you however think in any awards show, including the MTV movie one, that Ryan Reynolds would win one for that movie? Okay maybe the MTV one because let’s face it, if Twilight can rake in the awards then even Adam Sandler’s ‘Jack and Jill’ might have a shot. Getting to the point, the People’s Choice Awards awarded Ryan Reynolds best movie superhero of the year. I’ll let that soak in a moment. There. You’ve realized by now that Thor, Captain America, and X-men were also released this year. The other nominees included Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Chris Evans as Cap, McAvoy for Charles Xavier, and Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique (let’s not focus on this one for now, even though they completely left off Magneto). Congratulations People’s Choice Awards you are now the same as the MTV Movie Awards in my book. And slow clap everyone.

  • M Tellini

    Pwned Capp

  • Chris Davis

    Did you actually like this more than Cap?!