Games, Movies and Booze: BDNS Fortitude Stim



Whether Jedi or Sith, Smuggler or Bounty Hunter, Republic Trooper or Imperial Agent, one cannot be truly prepared for the harsh reality that is “Star Wars: The Old Republic” without the sweet rush of a stim. I now present the recipe for the BDNS Fortitude Stim. The stim increases user endurance by 200 for 1 hr. This effect persists through defeat. Please stack responsibly.


2oz Citrus Vodka

3/4oz Tuaca Liqeur

juice of half an orange

Shake and strain into tall glass filled with ice.

Fill with orange flavored energy drink and splash of soda.

Garnish with orange wheel.


  • Chris Davis

    Yep I’ll be trying this tonight for sure!

  • Ryan Keith Cooke

    mmm orange draaaank