Attorneys @ Law – Vicious Rivalry

Dear Internet,

Welcome to the first edition of Attorneys @ Law, The BDNS’s very own webcomic. What nerd site would be complete without one? The comic will deal with the same issues that the BDNS is known for: comics, movies, video games, the Internet and general awesomeness. It will alternate between the short gag comics (as seen below) and some longer, more epic tales. Such stories that can be teased include Star Ficition (Pulp Fiction as set in the Star Wars universe, starring Mace Windu as Jules and Yoda as Vincent Vega), The Martian Manhater (in which J’onn J’onzz finally realizes that he is the best hero in the DCU and goes around being a dick to everyone (after years of being on the B squad)  and The Audacity of the Blue Lanterns (President Obama is inducted into the Blue Lantern Corps). So enjoy the comic, enjoy The Best Damn Nerd Show and stay tuned, true believers!