The Darkest Hour Movie Review

***Possible Spoilers but not really, but people are so picky you have to say this every time***

Disclaimer first, this is a B grade movie with B grade actors. Now with that in mind I will not ride the fence on this one which would be easy to do because in all actuality I found myself enjoying this movie.  James made mention of Skyline…this is much better than Skyline! The ending to Skyline was absolutely straight out of some graphic novel. The ending to this one is more realistic if you can actually use those words when describing a movie where aliens of light attack earth. It does go by the numbers, introducing us to the characters, of which one is “the brooding cerebral one” and one (Emile Hirsch of Speed Racer infamy) is the “crazy take action guy” and they meet a couple of girls, one from the movie “Waiting” where she played a hostess that Ryan Reynolds was chasing the whole time and then the beautiful blonde from the first Transformers (I had wondered what happened to her, I personally thought she was on par with Megan Fox). Now again you don’t watch this for the acting albeit it does seem to get better as things progress, nonetheless,  the aliens come and this movie takes off quickly so that is good. The effects when the aliens attack are good, they really are. I will try not to divulge spoilers so I won’t go into details, some of you may actually want to see this on a late, late, boring night as I did, but I would ask that you please go to the matinee so as not to pay full price for it. One way I knew this was a much better movie than Skyline was that when particular people met their demise and it’s not hard to figure out who’s gonna die, but when they met their demise I actually felt a little something. Now I didn’t cry or anything by a longshot but there…was…something (said ala Bill Shatner) where as in Skyline I was hoping the aliens would kill them all. 6 out of 10 cylonic chainsword booshes from me…deal with it.