SWTOR Beta Tests End With…A Rave Party?

I can’t wait to go to a SWTOR rave party. Have they put in ruffies yet? Here’s the news from Sunday night though.

Last night the beta testing of Star Wars: The Old Republic came to a close, as Bioware prepares to grind the gears for the remaining ten days before early access in total isolation, in order to give the game the last rounds of polish.

In what seems a last-minute stress test Bioware itself encouraged the testers invited to this beta weekend to gather in their faction’s capital and dance ’til they dropped, or better, until the server dropped. Despite the late/early hour (past midnight in New York and past six AM here in sunny Italy), beta testers did gather, and boy, did they dance.

Despite the number of invited testers wasn’t nearly as high as during last week’s stress test, on basically every server multiple instances of the capital world were full to the brim of people dancing and raving, while many articles of clothing were lost in the chaos.

 Who ever said that Sith lords don’t know how to party? One thing is for sure: Lightsabers are the best party glow sticks.

Via Dualshockers