Nintendo Makes Mariah Carey Look Like A Pedophile With Justin Beiber

  • crystalized_shadow

    Thats a pretty shameless nintendo 3D placement they got going there.

    Also Mariah Carey is like 42 years old, i wonder if they had to digitally remove the vericose veins from this video.

  • Ryan Keith Cooke

    Mmm blue spaghetti.

  • cuttingthroughthematrix

    Mariah Carey is absolutely disgusting in this video. Carey is trashy, no class. Shame on her. She dressed better and acted more appropriately when she was just 21 ! The pedophile overtones are gross. The camera angle was almost under her skirt. I mean, they can edit anything together to make someone look bad. If I were a celeb, I would not consent to my image being used this way. Disgusting.

  • CTTM

    Yes they do. 100% correct. “Touch my Body” is proof of this.

    Watch the Tea Cup on the desk for the unintentional (or possibly not?) SFX between 1:03 and 1:06.

    She may be 200+lbs. Her actual voice is possibly stored on a hard drive. ;-)

    Not to mention holographic Mariah.

  • BlueFlameBat

    I’m disappointed. I wanted to see Mariah Carey wrap her sexy fingers around a 3DS.