Fantasy Villain Draft: Round One

This week’s match-up pits James Kincaid’s Galactic Foot Eaters against Adam Zika’s Lepre Con-Artists.

Galactic Foot Eaters (James Kincaid)


Lepre Con-Artists (Adam Zika)

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Who wins ROUND ONE?

  • James Kincaid (The Galactic Foot Eaters) (57%, 41 Votes)
  • Adam Zika (Lepre Con-Artists) (43%, 31 Votes)

Total Voters: 72

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  • Ryan Keith Cooke

    I vote Lepre Con-Artists because Kincaid’s picks are too legit with one exception, Cobra Commander. Who the fuck is going to be scared of Blanket Jackson. Plus Voldemort looks like he’s wearing a Forever Lazy.

  • Chris Davis

    Blanket Jackson, HA! I voted for Zika just for this comment!

  • Ryan Keith Cooke


  • Ryan Keith Cooke

    Ya know, I think the nerdosphere needs to wo/man up and hop on the team zika train.
    Does anyone think it is weird that 4 out of 5 members of the G.F.E. are disfigured?

  • Diz

    Gotta be GFE. 3/5 of the other team is a midget, pet lizards, and a retired porn star.