Ender Confirmed And Lead Girl Role Offered

Haille Steinfeld when she's not all home on the rangey.

As reported in a previous post Asa Butterfield from Hugo was rumored to be offered the role of Ender. He is indeed playing that role now and, from the same source, the role of Petra Arkanian (Ender’s most trusted ally of the Salamander Army) has been offered to the ‘True Grit’ leading girl Hailee Steinfeld. If you saw ‘ True Grit’ than you know how much of a get this actress would be for this movie. She was amazing alongside Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon and could really bring that element to the table to this film. How does the Nerdosphere view this?

  • http://www.facebook.com/8minsfromsol Ryan Keith Cooke

    ENDER GET!!! i cannot comment on this female actress though. true grit is a film i’ve been meaning to see but end up watching weird tv like billy the exterminator, storage wars, pawn stars and other retarded stuff. did anyone read the ender comics produced a while back?

  • Gaby

    I cant believe this is actually happening!! I have waited yeeeeeears for this. Since I read the books in high school 15 years ago. It has always been in the rumor mill for movies, I remember when they talked about the boy that played Lil’ Annie….Skywalker, that is, was talked about for the role. What a disaster that would have been!!!