5 Ways To Blow Girls Off For Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Tell Her You Have Homework

Don’t go to school? It’s never too late to pursue higher education. Enroll in some kind of online college. You’ll be able to milk this excuse for at least four years, possibly more depending on your dedication to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

  • Tell Her You Have To Work

Don’t have a job? Tell her you just got an offer. You might need to do a little research here. I’d find the name of a local restaurant or shop that you know she doesn’t visit. I’d even come up with the name of a supervisor and some employees (fabricating some stories about your coworkers wouldn’t hurt either).

  • Tell Her You’re Feeling Ill

Not ill like a rapper, though you may feel that if you score some phat lootz. You’re feeling sick. You might even talk her into bringing you goodies with this excuse. If she wants to stick around, force yourself to vom or fall asleep. Boom, you’ve bought yourself a few more hours. Save that galaxy.

  • Take Her On A Nice Date

Really sell this thing as if you enjoy her company. Once you get home, lay some guilt on her for getting in between you and your ongoing quest to save the galaxy. If the date was nice enough, this should give you a few uninterrupted hours of gaming.

  • Tell Her Your Phone Died

After no less than eight hours of SOLID gaming, that is. Eight hours of puttin’ in work. I’d recommend stocking up on food and beverages before you turn your phone off. It’ll also be important to have some old bottles or cups nearby, in case the unspeakable happens and you have to relieve yourself in the middle of your shift.

DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, BUY HER A COPY OF THE GAME. This is a disaster! Save yourself the pain of having to repeat old quests and siphon credits to pay for her penchant for in-game shopping (or whatever it is girls do in video games besides learn how to play them well).