Watch Out Buggers, Here Comes Ender Wiggins

So, as one of my favorite novels of all time (yes, despite what the other hosts say, I can read) seems to be getting ready to actually happen on the big screen, I must say that I’m not too skeptical about what I’ve heard. The latest information coming from /film is that Asa Butterfield will be starring as Ender Wiggins in the movie adaptation of Ender’s Game. If you don’t recognize the name, don’t worry, I didn’t either and it means you’re not obsessed with the release of the upcoming Scorsese holiday flick, Hugo (which he stars in). He actually has the look I think Ender would have, but the question will be whether or not he can handle this demanding of a role. I doubt Hugo will be a good indication of this, so the waiting game continues. All I can think of is the shower scene from the novel– hopefully they leave the recent ‘rhythmic slapping’ imagery from Penn State out of it. What do you nerds think? Have you read the novel? How do you think he matches up? How excited are you for this and what do you think they must put in the movie?


  • Ryan Keith Cooke

    I can dig on it. I read those books years ago. I liked the books that followed more, speaker for the dead hit my brain hard. the final book sucked bawls.