Now, I don’t want you to do too much heavy reading… this is the internet for fuck’s sake.

Short version of it, the U.S. senate is trying to pass a bill that will, more or less, give the government the power to take anything off the internet that they deem as pirating.

The removal of any information from the internet is to take public domain away from the public, and to block information in any way or form is the first step of any true dictator. Artists should naturally be able to be paid for their work, but to parody bits – not even the entire piece – is the right of the masses.

Once you create art, it is no longer yours; it belongs to the people. That is why there is such outrage for George Lucas bastardizing the characters that we’ve grown to love in Star Wars. That is why people take their musical selections – Come Sail Away by Styx is the best song ever – so personally. The internet has allowed people to be exposed to things they might never have found otherwise.

Imagine if, for posting “How the Sith Stole Christmas” as well as Beta testing Star Wars was enough to get Lucas’ attention and he took down The Best Damn Nerd Show… enough for rage yet?

If you ever have a spare moment, take some action, and tell your representatives in the House and Senate that this is not their choice. This is the link for the wording of the bill itself here. Know what is being pushed on us, and together we might stop it. Thank you for your time. Happier stuff to follow.

For more in depth information on the subject check it out here.