Team Mad Catz Signs Wolfkrone!

A player from my home state, Michigan, has been signed to Team Mad Catz. Joshua Philpot, AKA Wolfkrone, is a Michigan native and was considered a great unpsonsored talent within the Street Fighter IV competitive gaming scene. He tends to be “in your face” at all times and the amount of pressure he can put on a player is immense. I know because he demolished me in a few small online tournements at Galaxy4Gamers, a hub for players looking to win cash and prizes for playing competitively. Joshua is known for playing C. Viper and using her unique and technical skill-set to make it rain victories for himself. Now, as a Professional gamer with the likes of Daigo Umehara, Mago and Tokido, I am certain we’ll see a lot more of Wolfkrone at National and maybe International tourneys. Lastly, I would like to congratulate MCZ Wolfkrone on his achievements and feel pride knowing Michigan is on the map!

[image via Karaface]

  • Jonathan Craig

    Congrats, Wolfkrone. I dont’ watch much SF4, but it’s always nice to see an unsponsored talent recognized for his skill.

  • Ryan Keith Cooke

    Exactly! I’m not sure if sponsored players is the way to go for gaming but I love the construction of a team of any sort. Excluding the Detroit Lions.

  • Jonathan Craig

    I don’t have a problem with sponsors. It’s the only way the top players could afford to play as much as they do and continually perfect their game. To me, the idea of training to become the very best at something (anything) is impressive enough… but when someone is trying to perfect a video game, I’m on board. That does not include Player vs. AI competitions like those Donkey Kong players in The King of Kong, or players that speed-run Mario 3.

  • Chris Ceg

    Just so you guys know, Madcatz signed “Team Marn” whom Wolfkrone was apart of. So now he’s MCZ MRN.Wolfkrone.

    For those who don’t know who Marn is, he was part of EG’s fighting team until about a year ago. He has since been rogue and has come across some money to actually sponsor some more fighting game players in the scene. Wolfkrone was his first signing.

    Now with a few weeks until SoCal Regionals, I hear that Marn might be making another signing to Team Marn.. stay tuned!

  • Chris Davis

    The ninja makes an appearance!

  • Ryan Keith Cooke

    Thanks for the info. I saw that Marn was signed too but I didn’t take it as Team Marn.