Danger Girl and The Army of Darkness

Let’s face it, that Necronomicon is one slutty book.

It’salways popping up everywhere, spawning demons and summoning the dead to rise.It has often been the main ingredient to many odd recipes. Take one book of the
dead, some Bruce Campbell (The chin that sailed a thousand ships), add anobscure cameo from some other universe, some one-liners, and you’ve got yourself a comic book spin-off. Over the years, The Army of Darkness has gone up against many a foe: Xena Warrior Princess, Freddy Krueger, a bunch of Marvel Heroes, Barack Obama, Dracula, Jason Vorhees, Darkman, Werewolves, fuckin’ Santa Clause. Following this logic, next up to bat would have to be an ex thief now super spy. Enter one Abbey Chase, the leading lady of International organization “Danger Girl”.

For those who aren’t familiar, Danger Girl is to James Bond,as Lara Croft is to Indiana Jones. The well endowed female equivalent to an already well established franchise. She specializes in three things, acquiring rare and desired artefacts, infiltration, and looking good in uniform.  Creator J. Scott Campbell has a very distinctstyle of art. Here are a few samples from various comics, see if you can findthe pattern.

A few pages into any Danger Girl issue and you’ll quickly figure out where this comic stands as an art form.  It’s basically an International Charlie’s Angels with a higher chance of developing lower back problems.

On the other side of the coin, we have Ash, the legend himself; the shotgun wielding, demon cursing, chainsaw slashing, bad ass from the house wares department. Does he really further need introducing? If by some chance you aren’t familiar with Ash, the Evil Dead movies, or Bruce Campbell. Than feel free to stop reading this and go do something productive with your life, for the rest of us, “Hail to the King baby!”

As of now, we’re 3 issues into this 6 part Dynamite Comics creation, and the titles of Ash and Danger Girl actually blend very well together, they’re both cheesy, full of over the top dialogue, and make for a great light reading. For the days when you want hot dogs instead of steak, not every comic you read has to be by Alan Moore. I don’t think I’ll have to go into any great detail to weave this epic tale, but I’ll toss you a couple of crayons and let you draw your own picture. Issue #1 is all Abbey Chase, introducing her character, teammates, and deploying her on a personal mission to seek out “some old book, something evil they say” her only lead being a John Doe with a very distinctive chin .  Issue #2 follows Ash, as he gives his usual rundown of the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, then starts randomly hallucinating Deadites everywhere, causing to him lash out at innocent people. Convinced the book is making him lose his marbles, he gets incarcerated shortly after a panel where he exposes himself to girl scouts (Oops, wrong Boomstick). Issue #3 introduces a few more Danger Girl favourites, for the most part a drawn out origin of leather clad Sydney Savage, now trying to infiltrate the FBI to rescue Ash.

So far the series has amounted to two things, Jack and shit, and Jack left town. For being halfway through the miniseries, what little story exists is developing pretty slowly. Each issue seems to have the same formula, which works for the individual issues, but overall is kind of a let down, leaving the reader waiting for the action to jump start and actually get things going. It’s a nice break from the big boys, like the DC New 52, or whatever Marvel seems to be doing now that Fear Itself is over (Finally…geeze), but generally there hasn’t been anything gripping about it to make me really want to continue the series. I’m a huge Bruce fan, and have really enjoyed his past mash ups. I’ve even been known to pick up the odd issue of Danger Girl, but Honey, you got real ugly.

In the end I’ll probably keep reading it only because I am a fan, and I am hoping the second half proves me wrong, but I wouldn’t recommend the 3.99 gamble to the average reader.so shop smart, shop S Mart.