Coon Rage

Errrgggg everytime I see this I want to kill a raccoon!

PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, are legitimately pressing a beef against Nintendo and its favorite Italian stereotype Mario. Apparently, they feel as though the Tanooki suit advocates the wearing of fur.

It hurts your head, doesn’t it?

I mean, what about jumping on turtles, carrying their shells and chucking it full force into a series of blocks? What about the fact that he also has a frog suit? Or, gee I don’t know, the fact that he has been wearing this suit and variations thereof since 1993. Either way, PETA, it’s not real.

It’s true that video games isn’t always completely kind to fury, feathered or cold blooded friends. Frogger comes to mind. Halo Reach actually has an achievement for killing a bird that looks like an emu. So why is PETA coming down on the world’s best plumber? Simple… attention.

It’s the same reason why activists foam at the mouth for a shot at Disney; even if your cause is completely ludicrous, it will garner millions of viewers. PETA is just making some noise to take some shots, get a few quick bucks so they can “fight the good fight.”

If you support this group or not, it’s irrelevant. This fight is the most idiotic thing to come at video games since claiming that video games are ruining America’s youth. I support you, Mario! Get your Tanooki on you chubby yet amazingly-accomplished-jumper man!