Bloke Murders Thai Lady-Boy Over Star Wars Toys

In the UK, Rickie La Touche murdered his mail-order-wife after she had committed a party foul unlike any other. His wife, Pornpilai Srisroy, whom we now only talk about in the past tense, intended to make her husband’s life hell by destroying his prized Star Wars collection.

That must have been the last Balut for Mr. La Touche, who promptly smothered (see: strangled [with love!]) the Thai native until she was Japanese school girl quiet. I’m talking like she saw two people hugging. In public.

Rickie had not purchased any sort of insurance when bidding on Ms. Srisroy. Something no doubt raised his choler to unprecedented levels as he realized the implications of his actions. It has been noted that Touche’ was seen running to his mother’s home. I assume for a cup o’ tea and a good cry.

More about the story can be found in the UK Telegraph.

In other news, an anagram of the victims last name would have been, “Is Sorry.”

  • Jonathan Craig

    He walked in on Pornpilai unwrapping his toys and yelled “WTF BRO???”

  • Ryan Keith Cooke

    Pornpilai tried to respond but the language barrier stopped any sort of reconciliation.

  • Chris Davis

    Those were two of the most expensive things he ever bought. Now has neither, clearly did not think it through. Should have just made her suffer for the rest of her life.