Batman Arkham City: Nightwing DLC Review

At 560 Microsoft points – that’s approximately five real world dollars – that is a very hefty fee. Considering you can download entire games for that price, there must be a lot to this downloadable character. Although there are a total of 81 challenges and 108 campaigns, they are merely carbon copies of the Batman and Catwoman equivalents, both of which came with the game. Considering that this came a mere two weeks after the release of the game, it is a thinly veiled excuse to milk extra money from the masses. Don’t bother with this unless you have a jonesing to thrash the nameless masses as Dick Grayson instead of Ms. Kyle or Mr. Wayne.

  • Chris Davis

    I heard the fighting style is ‘cooler’ & smoother with Dick, thoughts?

  • Chris Davis

    I heard the fighting style with Dick is ‘cooler’ and smoother, thoughts?

  • crystalized_shadow

    the title went for 6.99 on the PSN, i was such a fan of the batman gameplay that i got greedy. Nightwing is fun as hell to play with, his fighting combos wielding duo shock rods is pretty sweet.
    But i did expect more for the price tag

  • Dan Kester

    The use of his weaponry is interesting, and although his fighting is quite smooth, he is also slower than Catwoman and less powerful than Batman. I just think that it would be a lot better if he got his own place in the Story, like Catwoman did. Especially for the cost